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Sabong Bonus l sabong philippines -How to improve the winning rate of betting

How to improve the winning rate of betting

Sabong Bonus : The Philippines, a country where cockfighting is popular, naturally has countless cockfighting professionals, and now, this trend has been extended to online sabong Philippines.

The following is the selfless sharing of a master with more than 10 years of experience in chicken breeding and competition! It is important that you absorb this knowledge, which has been condensed over several years.

Just like offline sabong, if you can also grasp this knowledge when playing online sabong Sabong Bonus , you may be able to choose the right sabong with more confidence and increase your win rate!

sabong international-The Culture of Communication in Asia

sabong international : In fact, cockfighting has a long history. Since the Northern Song Dynasty in ancient China, cockfighting activities have been prevalent in the community. From princes and nobles down to the common people, all of them have been enjoying cockfighting. Many ancient poems and lines vividly depict the bustling scene of cockfighting.

Cockfighting has a long history and culture, and because of its popularity, it has gradually spread from China to the rest of the world; nowadays, the Philippines is definitely the most well-known country in the world for cockfighting. As a unique breed of resource, Philippine cockfighting sabong philippines has been developed for tourism purposes and has become a "signature dish" to showcase local characteristics.

sabong international - The various uses of fighting chickens

The types of chickens can be broadly classified into five categories

  • Broiler

  • Egg Chicken

  • Meat and egg chicken

  • Chicken for both food and medicine

  • And fighting chicken

The first four species are for food, and the last category is for viewing. The cockatoo is generally tall and lanky, robust, long-bodied, and shaped like an ostrich's body. Beak like an eagle beak, long neck, chest developed, shallow feathers, thick and long neck.

The main species of fighting chickens are

  • Midland Chicken

  • Thai Fighting Chicken

  • Tulufan Cockfight

  • Xishuangbanna fighting chicken, etc.

online sabong Philippines - What you need to know before betting

  • Initial Combat Training

After the chickens grow up, the first fight should not be too long, usually 15 minutes. The purpose of the first fight is mainly to observe the fighting style of the chicken, for initial identification. After a month for the second trial fight, this time can be slightly longer, generally for half an hour. Through the two trials, the degree of fighting the chicken fighting method can be basically distinguished, then you can determine the exact choice. But the choice must be careful, not rashly, to prevent misjudgment.

After the selection of two battles, they can be carefully fed and trained. There are many training methods, but they are the same as kick-back, walking, jumping, plunging, squatting, pulling, and pushing. Feeding must be done in a specific feeder to keep the mouth sharp. In training, except for strolling and kick-back, which should be done on level ground, training such as copying, squatting, and jumping can be done in the yard or indoors, as long as the ground is padded with sacks or paved with sand, to avoid foot injuries.

  • Advanced Combat Training

The general practice stage is seven days, that is, play for seven days to rest eight, these 15 days for the increase of the big food stage.

In addition to the large food, the stage should add enough animal protein (eggs or beef, etc.) to promote the strengthening of the body to maintain the quality of fat, in order to facilitate the fight.

Eggs only use egg white, not the yolk. The number of eggs fed to the chicken's body weight to supply, general body weight 0.5 kg, half an egg, body weight 3.5 kg, 3 ~ 4. At the same time must be flexible according to the chicken's digestive function, in order to maintain a certain weight standard for fighting chickens. Before the real battlefield fighting chicken weight should not be overweight, but also pay attention not to lose weight.

After the great food and bedding food, you can start training. The specific training method is: in the morning at dawn, hold the fighting chickens on a spacious field in a large kick-back, with the chickens in front and people behind, using a stick with a soft cloth to drive them, from slow to fast, and the time can be increased day by day, usually 30~40 minutes. After the kick-back, the chickens are taken to the guard and allowed to rest and get water. At 10:00 a.m., let out the shelter again and let the chickens relax and move freely in a wide area so that their spirit and muscles can be relaxed.

Water and feeding should be careful to do water without food, food without water, meaning that the chicken's body is drained of water before feeding, the chicken's body is depleted of food before water, in order to avoid the production of fat or fat and weakness of water and food are not separated.

After feeding at 12:00, we can conduct float training, i.e. jumping float, running float, and turning float. Until about 3:00 pm. Then the second wind, in the wind should be appropriate to walk, that is, let the fighting chickens walk, neither standing still nor letting it run. Rooster connoisseurs often say: "plucking to the quail, walking to the chicken", indicating the important role of walking in the training of chickens. Put the wind on for about two hours before entering the shelter to rest.

To 9:00 p.m., after the mat food and then night training. Night practice items: copy, pull, rub, jump, etc., night practice is generally carried out in the room, when entering the pad on the sack can.

After these two stages of training, the fighting chicken has fully evolved into a majestic, exuberant warrior, ready to go into battle and win for the players!

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